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well. i broke my phone.

but you can leave a voicemail.
i'll be in new york city all weekend.

be home monday!
without a phone.

sigh. i'm so retarded.

but happy new year! since i can't send midnight text messages.

and incase you were wondering, you're like a sunset to me.

the thisdayandage show last night was so fun.
probably one of the three funnest ones.
along with the sphere and pheonix.
oh yeah, and the halloween one.
and not including the old, old shows.

basically, i loved it. and singing like an idiot.
and tripping up the stairs. and my friends.

and i got to be with pete for 25.5 hours.
and i absolutely loved it. <3.

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my new favorite.

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being girls and killing four hours before the doors opened.

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me with my best friend because we haven't fought in awhile, my new best friend because of bracelets, and my newest best friend because kelly forced us.

i didn't want our friends to leave today.
they are a tease.
i'll miss you guys.
..in fact, i miss you already.